COVID Transformation Management

We don’t believe in a “new normal”. Whether your business has suffered or your demand has actually increased, we will help you assess how to minimize the negative while quickly pivoting to maximize the positive. Whether that’s through a Telecommuting strategy, remote team building exercises, virtual events, or just conducting an Impact Inventory, COVID management is more than just a Digital Transformation. It’s a change MyMuto is here to help lead. Our diverse team – from consultants to technologists and even behavioral health experts differentiate MyMuto from our competitors.

Who lead the digital transformation of your company?




Digital Transformation (DT/DX)

“Going Paperless” is a benefit, but it isn’t the plan. Our Digital Transformation Strategy develops the blueprint: automating non-digital and manual processes with digital processes, identifying and replacing older technology and gaining efficiency via automation and innovation.

Business Process Improvement & Optimization

Together we’ll determine the outcomes that would add value in achieving your objectives, and MyMuto’s team will develop clear, concise ways to align your organization’s processes to achieve these outcomes. We’ll get down into your critical processes, map out the “As Is” and “To Be” states, identify key inefficiencies, redesign holistic procedures and benchmark them to initial metrics we jointly develop.

ITSM Shared Services Model Transformation

Technology focused? People focused? MyMuto brings both into focus with our transformational planning, measuring and improving your processes, IT services, and IT infrastructure. We develop the strategy, you deliver value and your organization emerges with an even higher level of efficiency.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

When up to 75% of businesses without a formally prepared and tested Business Continuity Plan fail within three years of an event, our BCP services should be at the root of your risk management activities. Whether calculating your Business Impact Analysis (BIA), defining your recovery objectives (Recovery Point Objective/Recovery Time Objective), writing and testing a comprehensive plan, or running a tabletop exercise to test your organization’s resilience, we help ensure you withstand change and still successfully operate.