Change Management

Change is coming at you, ready or not.

MyMuto stands ready to be “Your Root of Change”

Whether dictated by market requirements or driven by leadership, organizations today are undertaking Change Management efforts, which begin with detailed planning. MyMuto utilizes a blend of the leading Change Management approaches to prepare and support successful change.

We work with you every step of the way, delivering our Model which focuses on:

  • Individual Change Management – Supporting how your team members experience change and what they need to change successfully.
  • Organizational Change Management – Delivering steps and tasks to take at a project level to support the hundreds or thousands of individuals who are impacted by a project.
  • Enterprise Change Management – Leveraging our Program Management skills to build the leadership, supporting roles and organizational structure, and overall culture to navigate change and develop advantage over your competition.

Change Management Strategy and Planning

MyMuto – my change. This is the overall plan to drive change, how we’ll accomplish it together, and the goals we’ll meet as the criteria for success.

Change Readiness Assessment

We’ll formally evaluate how ready your organization is to initiate change, all while maintaining performance and minimizing risk to the business. When it’s time to make the change from strategy to execution, an “as is” change readiness assessment is the first step.

Change Management Execution

Breaking change into smaller, measurable and actionable tasks. Here we’ll layer in training and technology solutions.

Change Management Communications and Media

Studies show almost 75% of employees experience heightened stress during periods of change. MyMuto will help you shape both the strategic message, and the “What’s in it for me?” so employees manage stress and take action.

Organizational Design

MyMuto will identify impediments to people, processes and technology, realign to new business goals, and develop plans to implement your new changes.

Individual and Collective Learning Content Development and Education

Live, virtual and constructive adult learning approaches to educating your teams and support your change and organizational design goals.